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Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine consists of a dozen different local cuisines. More details about Spanish cuisine...
The best traditions of European cuisine, seasoned with oriental spices and fruits - this is Spanish cuisine. Spanish cuisine recipes in the Spanish provinces have been developed for centuries and based on the use of characteristic products. At

in this they are all united by the use of olive oil, garlic, fragrant herbs. In seaside regions, Spanish cuisine is replete with seafood and an element of Mediterranean cuisine. In central Spain, Spanish cuisine is rife with meat dishes. These are jamon, and various sausages, which are convenient to store in a hot climate, and poultry dishes, and gazpacho soup and other meat dishes of Spanish cuisine. Recipes for such a well-known dish in the world as paella, are very diverse, can be with rice or beans, fish or shrimp. Try to make paella and you will definitely like Spanish cuisine, recipes with photos of this interesting dish will tell you the right sequence of actions. By tradition, a tapas snack is served to wine or other alcohol - small sandwiches, meat or fish assorted. Do not forget about the famous Spanish wines and cheeses, which organically complement the dishes of Spanish cuisine.