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Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine recipes are very different from each other depending on the region. Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism, common in India, established their own rules regarding consumed foods and methods of cooking. More on Indian food recipes...
The southern and central regions, in our understanding this is traditional Indian cuisine, the recipes of this cuisine are usually vegetarian. Rice prepared in various ways, varieties of vegetable stews (sabji), boiled and stewed beans, Indian chapati cakes, fermented milk products and fruits form the basis of the diet here. Indian cuisine cannot use beef due to the fact that Hinduism considers a cow a sacred animal. But there are also meat dishes of Indian cuisine. Cooking recipes in Kashmir and Punjab are more likely to use meat, mostly lamb and poultry. Recipes of Indian cuisine in coastal regions are more diverse in terms of products due to the fact that they were subjected to long-term influence of overseas cuisines, and especially European colonizers. A special place in Indian cuisine is occupied by Ayurvedic cuisine, which is an element of the medical and philosophical system of Ayurveda.

Here it is, many-faced Indian cuisine. Recipes with photos of Indian cuisine dishes will help you prepare unbroken and original Indian recipes.