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Jelly (jelly) - a dish of frozen to jelly-like meat broth with pieces of meat, egg, some vegetables. Many national cuisines will tell you how to cook jellyfish or one of its analogues: Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, German, Georgian, Romanian... More details about jellyfish...
The jellied recipe and the jelly recipe are all the same. But do not confuse jellied and poured, since gelatin or agar-agar is used in the manufacture of poured. Although jellyfish with gelatin is also, of course, possible, for example, jellyfish is made from chicken with gelatin.

How to cook jellyfish correctly, how to make jellyfish tasty, how to make jellyfish frozen, how. . . Quite often, young hostesses are afraid of this supposedly complex dish and do not know how to cook jellyfish. Meanwhile, the recipe for cooking jellies is pretty simple. Jellyfish can be made from almost any meat. Chicken jellyfish, beef jellyfish, pork jellyfish, turkey jellyfish are prepared. At the same time, the preparation of jellyfish largely depends on the meat ingredients used. For chilli, those parts of the carcass are used in which gelling substances are sufficient. Such substances are usually found in the skin and connective tissues of animals and birds. Therefore, there are jellied pork legs, jellied knuckle, jellied pork knuckle, jellied chicken legs, jellied pork head. If you are interested in a beef jellyfish recipe, you will have to stock up on beef legs, beef trimmings, even tails. An ingredient such as pork ears can be added to the pork leg jellyfish recipe. They also make jellied fish. As a rule, gelatin and heads, fins, tails, sturgeon spines are used, again, because they gel the broth well.

Very often, hostesses ask the question: how much to cook jellyfish? Of course, a lot depends on the type of meat for jellied meat. But on average, for pork jellyfish or beef jelly to freeze for at least five hours. Chicken jellied, or as they call it in the north, chicken jelly - you can have less.

If the jellyfish is not frozen, it happens for two reasons: either you poured too much water and the broth turned out to be low-fat; or you undercooked the jellied stock. In this case, gelatin can help you out. Add the gelatin dissolved in water to the jellyfish, and the jellyfish will definitely set.

If you are on a diet, choosing low-fat dishes and are interested in their calorie content, jellyfish is clearly not for you. If you still really want to, we can advise you on the recipe Chicken Chillies - it is the least fatty. How to cook chicken jellyfish will tell you our Chicken Jellyfish recipe. It is also worth noting that often jellyfish is served to the table with horseradish or mustard, and the benefits of jellyfish from this only increase. If you are still not sure and are afraid to cook jellyfish, a recipe with a photo to help you!

How to cook jellyfish: the three most common questions.

- How to cook pork jellyfish correctly? Use a large saucepan, at least five litres.

- How to cook jellyfish in a slow cooker or jellyfish in a pressure cooker? Use Extinguish mode.

- How to cook jellyfish correctly so that it must freeze? Monitor the condition of the broth: if the jellyfish broth has become sticky, the jellyfish will set.