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Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine is divided into Western and Eastern cuisine, while all recipes of Georgian cuisine have a lot in common. More details about Georgian cuisine...
Few people are not attracted to Georgian cuisine. Recipes of Georgian cuisine help to prepare real culinary masterpieces from products that are quite familiar to us.

Georgian cuisine is usually spicy and sweet, spicy and satisfying. The abundance of vegetables, herbs and wine also makes Georgian cuisine very useful. Recipes for Georgian dishes are widely known. Often, culinary trips are even organized to this country, and Georgian cuisine is to blame. The recipes of khachapuri, khinkali, lobio, harcho, tobacco chickens, tkemali sauces and satzebeli are national pride. Meat

dishes mainly use beef and lamb, but the bird is also used by Georgian cuisine. Chicken recipes are the most popular, these are chahohbili, satsivi, tobacco chickens. All dishes are beautifully decorated, this is also characteristic of Georgian cuisine. Photos of Georgian cuisine are very loved by many food photographers. And of course, everyone who loves to eat delicious food loves it. So cook with us and join those who have already been captivated by Georgian cuisine. Recipes with photos are needed to minimize errors when preparing recipes for Georgian cuisine.