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French cuisine

French cuisine is divided into traditional folk and exquisite restaurant. In turn, folk cuisine has regional dishes of French cuisine. More details about French cuisine...
The division into folk and aristocratic cuisine, as well as the rejection of fast food dishes, are, perhaps, the main features of French cuisine. French cuisine is also distinguished from other European cuisines by the consumption of rather exotic foods - snails, frogs. We can say that we have even more famous aristocratic or restaurant French cuisine, the recipes of which originate from the kitchens of court cooks. Ratatouille, flambe, fuagra, onion soup, taten pie, consome - widely known dishes of French cuisine. And of course French cheeses and wine, without which it is difficult to imagine French cuisine. French cuisine recipes also abound in sauces, a variety of cooking methods. The French cuisine menu is very varied because it can include Norman, Provence, Southern or Mediterranean cuisine. Indeed, French cuisine gave us a lot of tasty and original dishes, salads are one of these dishes. The real pride of the French is the desserts of French cuisine. Creme brulee, meringue, profiteroli, pastry pasta offers us French cuisine. Photos of these culinary masterpieces delight in one of their views. By the way, an important component of French cuisine is their aesthetics. The French pay great attention to the design and serving of dishes as true aesthetes, this is worth learning if you are interested in French cuisine. Recipes with photos in this case will be a reliable assistant.