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Jewish cuisine

Jewish cuisine is very diverse due to the fact that it was formed both in Europe and in the East. More about Jewishkitchen...
Recipes for Jewish cuisine, firstly, were formed in accordance with the laws of Kashrut, and secondly, they differ quite widely due to the different destinies of Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews. Ashkenazi cuisine - cuisine of European Jews, Sephardic - Oriental. Hence different foods, cooking traditions and very different dishes of Jewish cuisine. Forshmak, stuffed fish, stuffed chicken or goose neck (gefilte gelzele), chicken broth, tsimes, cholt - Ashkenazi heritage. Eggplant with chicken, lamb with couscous, potatoes stuffed with ground meat (mafrum), hummus, fish under hot sauce (temple) - Sephardic Jewish cuisine. Sephardic recipes are seen to have been influenced by other eastern cuisines. Many Jewish dishes have a certain religious meaning and this should be taken into account if you are interested in

Jewish cuisine. Recipes with photos will help you prepare recipes for Jewish cuisine in accordance with the traditions and rules of this ancient people.