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Estonian cuisine

Estonian cuisine is based on simple peasant food. But for centuries, Estonian cuisine has also absorbed the culinary experience of neighbors. More details about Estonian cuisine...
The greatest influence on Estonian cuisine was Swedish, German and Russian cuisine. Modern Estonian cuisine recipes use pork, potatoes widely, although fish, cabbage, peas, rye, barley and dairy products are considered more traditional for Estonian cuisine. The Soviet period also influenced Estonian cuisine, in the country they began to cook jellyfish, Olivier salad, barbecue. However, the Soviet government was unable to fully level the cultural traditions, life and national cuisines of the peoples. Managed to preserve them and Estonian cuisine. Estonian cuisine recipes rarely use frying foods. Meat is boiled or baked, Estonians love sausages, cheeses. Estonian cuisine contains many fish recipes, uses both marine and freshwater fish. Desserts in folk Estonian cuisine are peasant unpretentious, these are fruit and milk mousses, jelly, cottage cheese, sweet pies.