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Dagestan cuisine

Dagestan cuisine is simple, hospitable and cozy, like the house of a real highlander. More details about Dagestan cuisine...
Dagestan recipes are based on what mountains give people. These are lamb and beef, fermented milk products, rice, flour. There are few vegetables, these are onions, tomatoes, but a lot of dill, parsley, green onions and other herbs. Pie with different stuffing miracle, Dagestan khinkal, jijigan-chorpa soup - all these are recipes of Dagestan cuisine. Like any Caucasian cuisine, it has its own recipes for pilaf and Dagestan cuisine. Recipes

pilaf use fermented milk products and melted milk. For example, pilaf in Lezginsky, aka pilaf in Dagestan. Very original and tasty kurze - Dagestan analogue of dumplings. Dagestan cuisine is famous for this dish, recipes with photos will help you learn how to wrap kurze correctly.