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Czech cuisine

Czech cuisine is a symbiosis of Slavic and Western European cuisine. More details about Czech cuisine...
Czech cuisine is very satisfying. Meat always with sauce, potatoes, cabbage, porridge on the side dish. Pork knuckle, knedliks, soup in bread, utopians, butts, goose with cabbage, fried carp - all this is offered to us by Czech cuisine. Czech cuisine recipes make extensive use of spices: cumin, marjoram, red pepper, ginger and cinnamon (pastry shops). A separate topic is the dishes and snacks that Czech cuisine has prepared for beer. Czech cuisine is very simple, it came out of the tavern. So if you are not a fan of sophisticated cuisine, but just want to enjoy plentiful, tasty and varied food, all this is ready to provide you with Czech cuisine. Recipes with photos will help you not only prepare Czech dishes, but also beautifully design them, as required by Czech cuisine.