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Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine, despite being surrounded by charismatic neighbors, Turkish, Greek, Balkan cuisines, was able to maintain its identity. More details about Bulgarian cuisine...
Recipes of Bulgarian cuisine are replete with vegetables, this is her calling card. Vegetables can be fresh, for example, a shopy salad, as well as in the form of blanks. Vegetables in Bulgarian cuisine are necessarily present in meat dishes. Bulgarian cuisine also uses a lot of fresh greens. Tarator and chorb variants are the most common Bulgarian soups. Yahnia and Plakiya is also a typical Bulgarian cuisine, while the recipes for sweets are mainly of Turkish origin. Bulgarian drinks, these are various fermented milk (yogurt, ayran), as well as rakia, mastic, wine. Here it is, Bulgarian cuisine. Recipes with photos of all step-by-step actions to prepare Bulgarian cuisine will save you from mistakes.