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Azerbaijani cuisine

Azerbaijani cuisine is very diverse, which is associated with geographical location and various climatic zones. Mountains, sea and plain generously bestow Azerbaijani cuisine. More details about Azerbaijani cuisine...
Azerbaijani cuisine is prepared from lamb, fish and poultry, but never from pork, which is due to religious reasons. Recipes of Azerbaijani cuisine widely use vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers), as well as spices, among which the most popular are saffron and sumac. Do not forget about fruits, quince, apples, pears, lemons, they are also widely used by Azerbaijani cuisine. Recipes of Azerbaijani cuisine, which first of all come to mind, are pilaf, kebab (kebab) and dolma. Azerbaijani cuisine is also rich in sweet dishes. Pastries are usually very sweet, these are bread with sweet Keta flour filling, biscuits with a sight

Kurabye, Mutaki nut-stuffed bagels, Shekerbur sweet pies. Try to prepare some recipe for Azerbaijani cuisine. We are sure that you will like Azerbaijani cuisine, recipes with photos will help you prepare Azerbaijani cuisine correctly.