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Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine is one of the oldest national cuisines in Asia. Armenian national cuisine influenced all the cuisines of the surrounding countries. More details about Armenian cuisine...
Widely known dishes of Armenian cuisine are khorovac (kebab), tolma, khash, basturma, lavash. Recipes of Armenian cuisine use a lot of salt and spices, which is associated with the local climate. Both lamb and beef are in use, less often pork. The main fish is trout, but other species also use Armenian cuisine. Recipes of Armenian cuisine have several differences. So, many dishes are prepared by extinguishing.

The ingredients of one dish in Armenian cuisine are often prepared separately, and then mixed. The most common type of vegetable oil in Armenian cuisine is sesame oil, but melted butter is much more popular. The main type of bread is pita bread, without it Armenian cuisine is unthinkable. Preparations for the winter are also very common in Armenian cuisine. These are different types of jam, vegetables and salads

sauerized in Armenian. Do not forget about fermented milk products, for example, matsuni, which is famous for Armenian cuisine. Recipes with photo preparation of Armenian dishes will help you not only to prepare delicious recipes of Armenian cuisine, but also beautiful, which is very appreciated in this country.