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Arabic cuisine

Arab cuisine is typical not only for the Arabian Peninsula, but for all countries of the Middle East. More about Arabickitchen...
Arab cuisine was formed from the cuisine of the nomadic peoples of the Arabian Peninsula, then it was influenced by the cuisine of the peoples conquered by the Arabs: Byzantines, Spaniards. Recipes for Arabic cuisine in one form or another are reflected in European cuisines too. The desert areas of the Middle East cannot be called generous with various products, so Arab cuisine does not use them as much. Lamb is on the move, fish. Of the cereals, legumes are very common, less - fig. Vegetables are more rare than in other cuisines. And of course sweets, they are especially famous for Arab cuisine. Recipes for Arab cuisine are replete with spices: saffron, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg. If you want to get a taste of the East, plunge into the world of "A Thousand and One Nights, " Arab cuisine will help you with this. Recipes with photos help when preparing Arabic dishes and not

only theirs.