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The entrecot is between-the-ribs meat in French, and the classic beef entrecot matches its name. But in our time, recipes for preparing anthrecote from pork, veal, lamb, venison and even fish have appeared. How to make an entrecot? Look further...
Want a juicy, fragrant, mouth-watering entrecote? The recipe is simple. Successfully choose meat and properly fry an entrecote from it. Traditionally - in a pan in hot oil. Some chefs offer to cook an entrekot on the grill, others prepare an entrekot in the oven. Stewed entrecote is also prepared, after preliminary frying, bringing the meat to readiness over low heat under a lid or even in a water bath.

An entrecote with a side dish is served, often it is potatoes or green peas. Fried anthrecote with onions, with eggs is very tasty. One of the best seasonings for anthrecote is horseradish. Beef and pork anthrecote combine well with mushrooms and vegetables. Special sophistication in stuffed entrecote. In the entree, they make "pockets" and stuff it with cheese, potatoes, horseradish. . .

Open any recipe for Entrecot from the many recipes available on our website, and the dish prepared from it will delight you.

Tips for preparing an entrecot:

1. The entrecote should be palm-sized, not more than
1. 5-2 cm thick.

2. Do not forget to pour the meat with the juice formed during frying. For beef entrecote, the main thing is to keep it juicy. Butter, vegetable oil and a little lard can help this.